Graeme Wagstaf’s aviaries on the Red Siskin husbandry tour

The Red Siskin Initiative, which we’ve written about previously, is a conservation project aiming to preserve Venezuela’s iconic Red Siskin as it teeters towards extinction.

One of their strategies is to consult and cooperate with private Australian breeders, who have had great success establishing Red Siskins in captivity. Unlike America and Europe where cage breeding is common, Australians prefer to breed them in large outdoor planted aviaries, and enjoy far superior breeding results.

The video below walks you through Graeme Wagstaf’s exceptional Red Siskin breeding setup. The footage was recorded as part of the initiative’s Red Siskin husbandry tour.

If you’re interested in breeding Red Siskins, the video contains lots of great tips on housing, feeding, breeding, and general care of the species.

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