Australian Finch Breeders to Assist Red Siskin Conservation Effort

A new conservation effort to save the critically endangered Red Siskin will begin this year. A captive breeding and research facility will be constructed in Venezuela, which will be designed to emulate the success that Australian hobbyists have had with the species.


The president of the Australian Finch Society writes:

  • The architect for this facility will visit Australia this coming week to consult with Mike Fidler and others to utilise the experiences of the STGF.
  • The head keeper from the Smithsonian (who is managing the project) will visit late February and stay with me. We will tour various Red Siskin breeders and endangered species captive breeding facilities as well as a few informal meetings to obtain input from anyone with Red Siskin experience.
  • The head keeper visit is funded by the FSA with additional financial assistance from branch/affiliate clubs and the NFSA.
  • It is our expertise breeding Red Siskins in planted aviaries that is of particular interest. In Europe and the USA they are rarely bred this way.

    This is a terrific opportunity to assist with a significant international critically endangered species recovery program and of course a fantastic opportunity to promote Aviculture in Australia.

    The Red Siskin Initiative is yet another example of the positive impact private aviculturists can have in preserving threatened species – despite what some poorly-informed activists believe.