Aviculture Hub is an information resource for bird keepers, breeders and hobbyists. Our articles contain thorough, concise and accurate information covering dozens of species. We demand that our authors only write articles on species they have personally kept, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.

We believe that private aviculture can play an important role in the protection and rehabilitation of at-risk or endangered bird species.

Bird Welfare

We are strong supporters of responsible and ethical bird breeding and insist all contributors abide by a code of standards including:

  • Not housing birds in a cage or aviary that does not allow for sufficient, uninterrupted flight space.
  • Only offering birds a natural diet that reasonably emulates what they would experience in the wild.
  • Not supporting the illegal bird trade by only purchasing legally acquired birds.
  • Only culling birds for humane reasons, not simply because it has undesirable aesthetic traits.
  • Taking reasonable steps to prevent hybrid birds from being bred.



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