Australian Breeder Produces Stunning Blue Rainbow Lorikeet Mutation

An Australian breeder has produced one of the most stunning Rainbow Lorikeet mutations I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.


There exists only a single bird exhibiting these vivid blue colours, the the breeder intends to establish the mutation. It is believed to be a recessive mutation produced from two normal coloured birds.

4 thoughts on “Australian Breeder Produces Stunning Blue Rainbow Lorikeet Mutation”

  1. Hopefully he can establish the variety, that would be great, Would definitely love to see them down the track sometime. Also the blue series may well lead to an albino rainbow lorikeet as well, another milestone. They sure look beatifull

  2. It would be fantastic if he was able to establish this mutation,this is the closest mutation ive seen to the natural mutation called “BLUE”,unfortunately, believed now to be extinct,without full body inspection,the only seeing difference to the natural mutation,is his mutation has a green back,what an amazing hope of possibility,that his mutation could lead all the way back to the full bodied blue,what an amazing thought of hope,PETER.

  3. Jack there’s several breeders throughout Australia breeding the blues. There have been some sales of split blues.