A look at some great finch aviaries

In this post, we look at some of the most incredible backyard aviaries in Australia. They are predominantly finch aviaries, as finches tend to be better suited to planted display aviaries than parrots. Attribution is given where possible.

Finch aviary in South Australia

Shared by Aussie Finch Forum user mr.fox:

Like most great aviaries, this one has both protected areas and weather-exposed areas; allowing the finches to experience natural sunlight while still being able to escape mother nature at her worst. There’s an abundance of thick bushes and brush for birds to construct natural nests, but also plenty of wide open spaces for long-distance flight.

Tony Ford’s finch aviary in Orange NSW

Shared by the Manly Warringah Avicultural Society.

This stunning display aviary—much like the previous aviary—has both open spaces, sheltered areas, and natural thick shrubbery for nesting. From the pictures provided, it’s difficult to spot even a single bird; suggesting that the aviary is very sparsely populated. Finches (and birds in general) breed best when there is minimal competition for food, nesting material and nesting sites.

Backyard Finch Display Aviary

Shared by Aussie Finch Forum user Will_36.

This aviary is much smaller than the others, but is worth sharing because it’s a perfect example of an aviary that could realistically fit in an average-sized backyard. In other words, it’s big, but not ridiculously big.

The aviary looks very natural with an assortment of plants and grasses (including seeding grasses that finches can eat) and a water feature. The nesting area is hidden away in an enclosed section at the back.

Tony Ford’s breeding banks

Shared by the Manly Warringah Avicultural Society.

A view of the seven flights. Each flight is 8m x 2m, with 3m at the back being fully enclosed. Tony Ford uses these aviaries for controlled breeding. Each aviary is lightly stocked, with no more than 8 pairs per flight.

Breeding banks allow for more controlled breeding. These are especially great because each section provides a generous amount of flying space as well as a sheltered nesting area. Also noteworthy is that each section appears to have at least one live shrub or seeding grass.

Finch aviary in North Shore Victoria

Shared by Aussie Finch Forum member branchez.

This aviary was only completed very recently, so the grasses and shrubs haven’t had a chance to grow to their full size yet. Nevertheless, we can see that this is a very large aviary with well-designed nesting areas and a very innovative feeding station.

With the exception of the very front panel, the aviary is entirely enclosed with clear plastic. In the cooler months, this design will cause a greenhouse effect that keeps the aviary warm.

All five aviaries are fantastic in their own right. Which is your favourite?