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    Shane Gowland

    The varied lorikeet is a small parrot found in northern Australia, where it found in tropical eucalyptus forests and grasslands. Although common in th
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    Russell Smith

    This is my first attempt at keeping varieds. I bought 3 birds of a mate who had passed. Caught the birds out of a treed aviary and put them in my van to take them home. Thought it would be a good idea to recheck the aviary in case I had missed something. Wasn’t expecting to find anything as my mate said he had only three hens.To my surprise there was a 4th bird in there, caught it out and put it with the other three birds.Did another lap of my mates aviary and spotted a nest box up high in the aviary. I thought I’ll just have a look. You guessed it, 4 babies in the nest, my mate would have loved to have known he actually had a male in his aviary that he had some how missed. Any way my first thought was I going to have to hand raise some babies I knew absolutely nothing about except what my mate had told me about them. The cage I had the adults in had a large door ,so I put the nest box in with them. Hoping Mum may go back in.Got them home and to my joy only 3 birds in the cage and possibly Mum in the box. Next problem, set the (my) aviary up with a high nesting area for the nest box. Done and dusted. moved all the birds and nest box to their new home from the van. One hour later only 3 birds in the aviary, yep mum carried on looking after the chicks. One died and I’m proud of myself for my mates sake I now have 7 varied lories. Waiting for the next breeding cycle. If anyone can help me with any ideas on other food sources other than the best I am feeding them, Wombaroo and Passwell wet and dry plus native flowers and pear mango nectar and apple juice I would appreciate your input . Hope you have enjoyed my story. Russell. PS Have been having success with purple crowns and scalies for my 1st year in Lories.

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    Steve Barrie

    I had a pair in the 1980’s at Cleveland QLD, the cage was 3m long 2.5m high and 2m wide,
    Tin covered all the cage apart from 1m from the front sides.
    1st year of having them ( they were already older ) 4 babies which i hand reared,

    At that time not many were breeding these and i think the tin helped hold in some heat as this was the only difference i found with others trying ( even their old owner never got them to breed )

    They are well worth the effort and great birds to keep/

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