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    Shane Gowland

    The lineolated parakeet, also known as the barred parakeet or “linnie”, is a small parrot found throughout South America. Their affectionate nature an
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    Hello. Thanks for the great advice. Could you tell me the exact size entrance hole for their nest box please?
    I colony breed my Linnies along with Cockatiels, they all get on extremely well but if i could make the entrance hole just the right size for the Linnies boxes then they would be safe incase of younger Cockatiels being inquisitive. Thanks for reading. Ken Brown.

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    Hello,,,my Linnie,,Smokey,,just laid an egg! When I purchased Smokey I was told it was male. I also have another Linnie,,Bandit which I was also told is male. For months I have been trying to get them to tolerate each other. But thinking they were both males I just figured it is what it is.
    Now that I know I have a male and female do I have to worry about babies? They do like to go into each other’s cage when they can sneak in,,,if the bird is not in there. I need some advice please,,,I am still shocked the have found an egg.

    Thank you

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    Hello – we have a 4 year old lineolated parakeet. He/she is bonded to their owner. Spends all day seeking out the owner, sitting on the owner and just loves the owner. Lately he/she has been charging others and acting very aggressive. Now for the past week or so she (i think it is a female now) has been sitting on the bottom of her cage under a Kleenex making squeaking noises and droopy wings. She does climb up on her perch and eat and drink so I don’t think she is sick. Pooping normal too. But she keeps going to the bottom of her cage and displaying this weird squeaking and hiding behavior. I think she is nesting! She does not have an egg in her abdomen though. I felt by her vent and there is no egg present. At first I thought maybe she was egg bound but because there is no egg in abdomen and her vent is not swollen or red and she isn’t in distress and not pushing. Could she be forming an egg at this time and in 14 days or so will lay an egg? I don’t want to take her to the vet because it is so stressful and we don’t have many Avian vets in my area. She doesn’t seem to be sick and is eating and bright eyed. I took her Kleenex away and she immediately went up to her perch and ate. Would it be best to let her go through nesting and lay an egg or should I discourage her nesting/mating ritual? What would be best? I don’t want her to become egg bound either.

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