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Russell Smith

This is my first attempt at keeping varieds. I bought 3 birds of a mate who had passed. Caught the birds out of a treed aviary and put them in my van to take them home. Thought it would be a good idea to recheck the aviary in case I had missed something. Wasn’t expecting to find anything as my mate said he had only three hens.To my surprise there was a 4th bird in there, caught it out and put it with the other three birds.Did another lap of my mates aviary and spotted a nest box up high in the aviary. I thought I’ll just have a look. You guessed it, 4 babies in the nest, my mate would have loved to have known he actually had a male in his aviary that he had some how missed. Any way my first thought was I going to have to hand raise some babies I knew absolutely nothing about except what my mate had told me about them. The cage I had the adults in had a large door ,so I put the nest box in with them. Hoping Mum may go back in.Got them home and to my joy only 3 birds in the cage and possibly Mum in the box. Next problem, set the (my) aviary up with a high nesting area for the nest box. Done and dusted. moved all the birds and nest box to their new home from the van. One hour later only 3 birds in the aviary, yep mum carried on looking after the chicks. One died and I’m proud of myself for my mates sake I now have 7 varied lories. Waiting for the next breeding cycle. If anyone can help me with any ideas on other food sources other than the best I am feeding them, Wombaroo and Passwell wet and dry plus native flowers and pear mango nectar and apple juice I would appreciate your input . Hope you have enjoyed my story. Russell. PS Have been having success with purple crowns and scalies for my 1st year in Lories.